The Aims of TAPESTRY

The overall aim of TAPESTRY is stated as:

“to increase knowledge and understanding of how to develop effective communication programmes to support sustainable transport policies in Europe”.

This will be achieved through exploitation of the main outputs of the project, which will be:

* 16 travel awareness, communication, education and publicity case study campaigns, based on a combination of best practice and local needs across Europe,
* documentary evidence about how each campaign was developed, monitored and evaluated in terms of their impacts on the, attitudes and behaviour of various target groups and organisations in each setting,
* a formal assessment of the campaigns’ efficiency in terms of cost effectiveness, socio-economic influence and their contribution to long term sustainable travel patterns using the TAPESTRY common assessment framework,
* development of common themes from the case study results at the cluster level that will help TAPESTRY to understand the transferability of the findings to other sites or communities

Particular attention will be given to the development of partnerships between different economic and social sectors, public and private bodies and the general public, in promoting sustainable transport within the campaigns, and the integration of communication programmes with wider transport policies and plans.

All these elements will be used to derive practical guidance on issues such as:

* the role of transport campaigns and communications measures within comprehensive transport policy,
* the importance of the relationships between national and local communications programmes,
* the campaign measures, messages and media appropriate to different circumstances,
* the campaign measures, messages and media appropriate to meet different objectives,
* methods for obtaining co-operation from all the necessary partner organisation required to design and run a successful campaign.

It is only if the outputs of the project are interpreted in this practical way and publicised so that they are acted on by those decision makers who have the power to bring about change, that the TAPESTRY aim will have been properly achieved.

TAPESTRY was a three-year project which began on the 1st November 2000.